Saturday, January 31, 2004

Do you like this weblog.. what i think....and hope from this.

This weblog has been great to do, and has helped to share things
that i feel and think about.

Things that are worth sharing, and at times its good to get
something off your chest.
To clear any negativity by turning into a positive outcome.

To be honest life has not been as great as i would like it, but
hey thats up to me to change it.
In fact its started.

I would like to share an honest thought and request with you
all who read this.

I am in a awkward situation.
I will put forward the goal and aim of this weblog,
and then my current situation.

Something bothers me, what?
I recently found out that alot of deaf kids in the usa do not get
the equipment they need, ie hearing aids etc.. due to parents having to pay for these from their own pockets.

Disturbing indeed, as some of this equipment is not cheap,
digital hearing aids, i think there are a few types.

Now when i was young, im in the uk.. i had hearing aids from
the nhs.
I had the most powerful behind ear type that they could give
me, how old was i when i got that?

Two.. oh and yes i remember it.. wouldn't u?
It is great that i got that at two years old.
The young start meant i didnt have too much to catch up on.
I did actually start mainstream school, with the kids of my age
and i never fell behind.
We learn from those around us.
So my speach and communication is good.. as "normal"
whatever that is?

Would i be the same had i not got the hearing aid so young,
and not been able to attend school with the right age group?
Or even in mainstream school at all?

Makes me wonder.

And how sad that these kids dont always get that opportunity.
Dam shame.

And if i be honest from my point of veiw, deafness is the
forgotten disability.
I dont mean that in any bad way, or that everyone ignores it.

But that it has a lower profile and lower level of importance with regards to other sense losses.
In my opinion.

Sad that any loss is happening. Full stop.

So what to do about it.
Well i know what i would like to do about it.
I know that a charity foundation will be starting for these kids
and their familes.

So i would like to utilise this weblog to help them.
I will get a link for the account for this charity and have it on
this weblog..(if i am allowed).

Their aim is to raise $500,000 by 2005.
This money will go to these kids in the usa.

I would like to suggest that it would be blooody great if this
weblog could raise say £50,000 for them by 2005, and to carry on raising for them.
Could it be done?

Who knows.
Id like to try.

But first, a slight problem.
This computer is not mine.
I borrowed it.

So i am in procees of trying to get a new tower sorted out.
I may only have few days on here.
But i hope to stay online and continue this and more.

I have to raise the money quickly.
If anyone wants to donate any money to keep me online and
this weblog going continuously, then i would be very grateful.

If i dont get the tower as quickly as i need it, there may be a
few days break in this weblog.

If theres a break, i will put up a link for donations for these kids
as soon as i am back.

For now if anyone would like to donate towards the tower.. : ) Thank you so much.

I hope to not have a break, and to get raising for these kids
they are our future.

With the help of your donations and offers these kids can have the hearing world at their feets.

Take care.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Happy birthday son..i love you.

Nine years ago today, my youngest son Keaton came into our lives.

Happy birthday Keaton. : )
I am so proud of you.
I love you so much.

I feel very tearful, as both my sons have been absolutely great during these hard times.
The love of my sons has given me strength at the times i felt
weak and vulnerable.

The love of my sons has given me joy, they light up my heart.
I love them both with all my heart.

I am so proud of them, and so proud to be their dad.
I will never forget helping deliver them at birth, the most profound moments of my life.
Cried buckets of tears on them two very special days.

Nothing can prepare you for that.

If i never succeed at anything other than being a great dad to my boys...then i will be proud to have done what matters the most.

If your kids still love you when they grow up, then that says you have done well.

To often people expect their kids to love them when they are
grown up.
Sadly it does not work that way.
As kids they feel parents can do no wrong.

As adults they see you for who you are.
I hope they grow to love me for being me, as well as their dad.

To hear them say "I love you dad" is the biggest pleasure
in my life.
And im proud they can tell me that.

How lucky i am to have the love of two beatuiful sons.

I am very proud.

Happy birthday Keaton.

I love you.

Dad. x

Thursday, January 29, 2004

The power of the internet to change lives.

Welcome to all, and thank you.

Has the internet changed you life?
Will it change your life?

As for me, yes it has in many ways, and i am glad. : )
And it is still changing my life.

Many many moons ago....while snuggled up in the warmth
of my mums tummy something happened that shaped me.

Rubella... fortunately it doesnt happen now.

As a consequence of this i am deaf.
Would i have it any other way? No.
Why not?
Something had to be wrong, and as any doctor will tell you, anything could have happened, with respect to all other sufferers of rubella, who have it worse than me.

I aint got a bad deal out of it. : )
And it was meant to be that i am deaf.

And being deaf makes me me, what we lack, we make up for in many ways, and everything has its advantages.
All our faults and disadvantages create new advantages.
Its up to us to recognise the advantages, if we cant,
then its not a disadvantage in the first place.
Lipreading has sooo many advantages.. ; )

If you need proof.. next time your at the bar and theres a few of the opposite sex eyeing you up, talking to each other about you.. you think you could work out which of them likes you.. ; )

Clouds and silver linings spring to mind.. oh dear the girls will cover their mouths with their hands now.. ooops. : )

As i grew up, the phone was a no no.
Then.. bang.. mobiles.. great i can text friends, family. Wow.
I am now more into the hearing world, though i was never really out of it in the first place.. thanks to mum, and learning from those around me.

My deafness is only a problem for those who dont know me,
for those who let it be a problem.

It will now seem very obvious why and how the internet has already changed my life.
Email is the phone to me now.
Online i am NOT deaf.. if that makes sense.

We now live in two parellel worlds, online and offline.
Together they make the world a much smaller place.

Will the internet continue to change my life?... you bet.

I have dreams, and the internet is the way to for me
to realise those dreams.

I have goals, the internet will help me reach them goals.

One of those goals is to reach out and touch others.
The internet makes that possible, and easier to do.
Others have reached out and touched me.

If you read this, and stop taking your hearing for granted
so much, as with all our senses, i have already touched lives. : )

How does the internet change your life?
What can you do with the internet to change your life?
Or the lives of others.

Take care.

Rob. ; )