Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Happy birthday son....

I love you son.. 11 already !!

And as you are in france on a school trip, (bonjour)
we will miss you on your day. : (
I miss you and will think of you all day.
But i hope you are enjoying it.

11 years since you changed my life forever.
Im so proud of you jacob.. i love you so much.
You smiled at dad on the day you were born, and that
filled my heart with sunshine.

A day never to be forgotten.
Got a tear in my eye now.. ; )
It was such a experience and such a feeling
of overwhelming love and pride.

Il never forget that u poooed on me..
And having no other top.. taking it off, and holding
you close to my chest and walking round the ward
showing you to did i feel proud.

And i still do, and always will.
Love you from bottom of my heart son..

Happy Birthday.

Love always Dad.. x