Saturday, April 10, 2004

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As i mentioned in earlier post i have wish to support and help deaf kids to
improve their lives, and i have great respect for the charity you see below..

Scott Brittner a father of two deaf children, and a great man who
has inspired me.
He had to raise the money needed to buy his two precious kids hearing
aids..and he did it too.. $10,000... alot of money.

What a sad situation where the parents have to raise the money themselves.

I have great respect for them doing that, but its sad the government can "waste"
money in other ways, which often leave you sctratching your head in disbelief
yet ignore the lives of these children.. and their futures.

They deserve better than that.

So its left to the real peoople .. who care, the families and friends to do the best
we can to give these children the help and support they so richly deserve,
and the general public who without much of the help would not
be possible.

Every donation will directly benefit these children in need of help and support
and also the families of these children.
Every penny goes to helping these children have what most of us take for granted.

The chance to hear the birds sing in the mornings, the rustle of the leaves in the
autumn as they play in the parks, the rumble of the thunder in late afternoons
of overcast skies, and the laughter of others, and the softly spoken words of love
from their families and friends.
The words of widsom of their grandparents.

The very things many take for granted... we are all guilty of that.. even me..
and i am deaf.

We are not donating money just for the hearing aids, we are donating for the
joys and hope it brings to each child.. the feeling of pride they feel when they
can hear the words of love and encouragement from others.

The light hearted feelings hearing the birds sing brings, or the calmness of the
mind when hearing the waves break on the shore.
Or the tenderness of the "its ok" that mum says when they fall onto their knees
in the park.

Not only are your donations giving them the chance to hear, but also the chance to
"feel" and thats priceless.

Remember the time you hear the birds sing, the waves break on the shore, the calmness of mums soothing words.. the "feelings" they gave you.
How much were them feelings really worth?

I could not put a price on that myself... but its worth more than i can give.

But together we can all do our best to help and support these in need.

Lets all maike a difference in the lives of these children all over the world.
And lets start today.

Buy clicking on the link below, and donating and supporting this chartiy
you enrich a childs life beyond expectations.

Go ahead please make a difference..
your heart will "hear" these kids say "thank you"..

Britner Foundation

Take care,