Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Offline... for a little while...

Due to my circumstances, i will be offline for a while.
But i will be back, and hope to make a few post over the
time i am offline, whenever i get the chance to make a post
or use a computer, either on a friends or in the library.

I hope you have enjoyed this weblog so far.
I hope that i can keep this weblog going for these kids.

I hope when i can to be able to put a donation link for the
charity i hope to help.

I want to help the kids as much as i can, and i hope you will all join me in making a difference in their lives.

I feel that its only right to help those that need it, and i hope
this weblog can make the difference to the futures of these

I ask you all .. will you help to help these kids?

Can you make a difference to them?

YES.. together we can all enrich the lives of these kids..
Help them to hear the laughter, help them to hear the words
of love from those around them.
Help them to hear their own voices.
And to hear the birds singing.

All the little things you take for granted.

Together lets make the world a louder place for these children.
Lets give them what they deserve.
And that is the chance to live as normal as possible.

It hardly seems like yesterday that i was a lad struggling to
cope with the problems these children face in life.. but
at least i had the opportunities these children dont have.

There is so much money in the world, that there is no
reason for these kids to not have the equipment they need.

The uk can be proud of the fact that they gave me the
equipment i needed.

I think it says an awful lot that the government can ignore the
plight of those children in need.
In a world of of possesions and greed.. its a bloody shame.

If the government cant help these kids, then its down to us all
to help them.

In a world where there are so many millionaires and wealthy
people that waste more than a child needs for a hearing aid
on possesions it defies belief.

I hope we can ALL make the difference thats needed for these

Will you all join me?

I hope you all find it in your hearts to help them.

If it makes a difference to one child it will all be worthwhile.

Till next time.. take care.