Friday, July 23, 2004

"Lack of understanding"

Probably the biggest hurdle for a deaf person, or anyone with a commication difficulty.
But its true.
A reminder to a mate recently, as he had lost his voice, temporarily but never the less,
 he soon realised some of the difficulties that arise.
Doing the very things he takes for granted with difficulty soon puts in to a new perspective for them.

But, it goes, they get back to the "take for granted mode" far to easy, we all do,
 it is familiararity thats part of human nature.

The very simple truth in that is Its forgotten.
Yet for us its NOT forgotten.Its a 24 / 7 situation.

We ACTUALLY live with it.

Thats to easy forgotten by some of us, maybe alot of us.
But its human nature.

But its ALSO a lack of understanding.
If others understood that its 24 / 7...then they would understand it different.
Interesting is human nature, so we have to live with that, yet its interesting to try to understand.

Understanding is an important part of LIFE.

Take care.  : )