Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Ringing in the ears.. or bells, whistles, etc.. jet planes?

All these can be descricptions of tinnitus, depending on how it "sounds"
yet tinnitus is more common than we realise.

It can and does happen to anyone at ant time.
It happens for various reasons, and has different causes.

Do YOU suffer from tinnitus?

Well I do, and it can be annoying at times, yet the best but hardest way to deal with it .. to me, is to ignore it.
Hard as it may seem, it works.

If you dont suffer from it, it may be hard to understand it.
It really is 24/7, all the time.. and worse at night, when trying to sleep.
Silence is deafning.

Does it just effect deaf people.. no.

I know of several friends who are not deaf, that suffer from it.
One of them, he is a couple of years older than me, has had it since he was a boy.
He says it was really hard back then to cope with it, and he really though we all had it.

I didnt get it till was 25. and I found it hard to deal with mainly because I am already deaf and struggle a bit, so this dam noise inside my head didnt help. : (

So in a way it has made my hearing worse.

So what can I do about it?
Nothing it seems, so I just ignore it.

In fact its only when I actually stop and think.. its gone.. that it starts again. : /
Like a reminder...

So best to not think about it.
I would be intrigued as to how many of you that read this do have tinnitus.

If you do suffer from it, and wish to post a comment that would be great.

I hope many of you dont suffer it. ;^)

Take care.