Sunday, January 30, 2005

"Happy birthday son"

Today is my youngest sons 10th birtday.

I am very proud of you Keaton, and glad you liked your presents.. :-)

I cant believe its 10 years, gone so fast, yet been so great. :-)

I know you will enjoy the rest of the day, and hope that every present you get
is a present you like and enjoy.

I am very proud of how well things are going with you son, doing great
at school, and even picked out a an outstanding pupil in maths..

So much that you have been picked to have an extra lesson, along with other
outstanding pupils from other schools in the area, and a lesson with a difference.

Glad you enjoyed the first lesson, and learning eygptian maths.. interesting. :-)

Great going Keaton, I love you with all my heart, take care, and have a great day.

Love as always dad. X