Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The question to ask....

Well something has certainly opened my eyes.
I have a question... what would be best?

Deaf from birth?
Lose hearing at say any age from 15 upwards?

HHm.. think that over seriously before you

Why am I asking you this?
Maybe most of you are "hearing" and some of
you are "deaf".. Ive no idea but....

I met someone a few years ago, when I was at
southampton university, having tests done,
regarding having a cochlea implant...

He was in is late 20s..and he told me his story,
one new year was drunk and merry as most of
people in the world are as they welcome the
new year...
Got home, proper drunk.. fell down the stairs,
banged his head, maybe knocked himself out,
and... in the morning, he woke to..

Silence...and probably a bad hangover too.

How would you react to that?
How would that really impact your life?
How would you cope?

A scary prospect I would say.

Im glad to say I thought he coped dam well with
After having the implant he conitinued with his
ambition of teaching kids.
That is what he does, he is a teacher in a
mainstream school.
Il not foget him or the warmth from him.
And big respect to the man for not letting it
defeat him.

I was humbled by some of the people there who had
these implants and their stories, most of them
were adults who lost hearing, and they all had
different stories and tales to tell.
Some were just kids, who all looked so happy
with WHO they were.
Yet so charmingly nice and talkative.

I learnt from each of them, but I learnt more
about myself than anyone.
I think both myself and my mum, who came with
me for support, and to learn with me all about
the implants, were moved.

I learnt to be happy with what I have more than
before, why?
Because I never knew any different.
they opened my eyes..

Now years later the same thought has opened
my eyes once more.. Why?
I have seen on a few forums related to deafness,
the panic, and confusion, and fear of the unknown
and these are people who have lost their hearing,
or have slowly lost more than they realise and are
to wear hearing aids...and are to rediscover hearing
but not knowing what to expect.

All perfectly natural given the circumstances.

So what is best?

To be born deaf, or to lose what you have?

Far more common to lose what you have than to be
born deaf I would think.

And that it could happen to "anyone" at any time.
Yes it could happen to YOU.

So I feel lucky..not to have lost what I dont know.
I feel lucky to have what I have.

Which brings me onto my next point.

If I had a Pound for every time some one ask me...

"Whats it like to be deaf?"

Id be rich.. ; )

The question to ask is not that..
The question to ask is not to me..
The question to ask is...

"Whats it like to hear?"
And the person to ask is....... yourself.

So ask yourself that..and be glad of the answers.

So did I have the implant? No...

Why not? Well I feel I am lucky to do as well
as I do and felt a child would be better desrving
than me for what they could give that child.
And they were young too.

And I didnt want to chance losing what I had.
Knowing if I lose what I have, and hearing aids
dont help, then I could re-apply to have an implant.
At £30,000 each..I rather the kids had them over me.

Till then il be happy. :^)

I am dissapointed no donations to the charity have
been made.
Think of the children.
And give them that chance.

Ask yourself "whats it like to hear?"

Thats what the children ask themselves...every day.

And we all should help them.

The charity needs you.
No donation is ever to small for the kids.
And every little mounts up.

Click on the banner.

Britner Foundation

And empower the children... give them the answers.